12 Events you Should Know About

For those who may have missed some of the eCommerce and Internet-related news this past month, here are a dozen stories that may be of interest.

eCommerce Black Friday Sales Top $5 Billion

Black Friday 2017 reached $5 billion in eCommerce sales, according to the Adobe Report. That figure represented an increase over the previous year’s $4.3 billion. While shopper totals grew only 3.5 percent, the number of purchases were up over 2016, to the tune of 12 percent. The mobile shopping trend continues with 54.3 percent of visits accounted for by mobile devices.

Offline and Online Combo Preferred by 51% of Consumers

According to an eCommerce report from VWO, 51 percent of consumers like to combine their shopping experiences between online and offline, and 56 percent of shoppers say they have made an international purchase. That is good news for international retail, as is the news that 47 percent of those surveyed saying they consider their online buying device of choice as mobile.

US Cyber Monday Sales Top $840 Million by 7am

US Cyber Monday sales were up 16.9 percent to $840 million by 7am Monday, with total sales expected to be more than $6.6 billion for the day. Not only that, but November sales are expected to total $43 billion, leading to an expected 2017 holiday season total of $107 billion, according to Adobe.

Cash is still King for EU Consumers

A European Central Bank survey maintains that consumers in the Euro Zone still prefer to pay with cash. Point-of-sale transactions favored cash to the tune of 79 percent, with Germany slightly higher at 80 percent. Sweden, by contrast, only used cash for 15 percent of POS purchases.


Microsoft Pay App Available

Bringing support for the Payment Request API to Edge, Microsoft has announced a new app called Microsoft Pay, which appears to be a replacement for Microsoft Wallet. With Microsoft Pay, any website requesting payment will automatically launch the app – in development since 2016 - which comes complete with user details, ready to be approved.


Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets Hunted by Hackers

According to BleepingComputer, criminals are searching for funds stored using Bitcoin and Ethereum. With Bitcoin reaching record levels thieves are hunting for Bitcoin wallet archives mistakenly left online. Accessing the online wallets will allow for the stealing of funds.


Walmart eCommerce Sales up 50%

Walmart’s third-quarter profits have increased on the back of a 50 percent increase in eCommerce sales. Targeting eCommerce and their ongoing battle with Amazon, Walmart bought Jet.com for $3 billion in 2016, and online clothing retailer Bonobos in 2017.

Visa Targets Block-Chain Business

With an eye on business-to-business payments, Visa has launched the first phase of its planned B2B Connect block-chain service. Working with startup Chain, the service is intended to make cross-border payments easier by making use of direct payments between financial institutions. A commercial launch of the service is planned for the second stage.

Almost Half of Companies Suffered Data Breaches in 2017

A Radware report found that 45 percent of all companies had a data breach in 2017. The survey involved companies in the financial services, healthcare and retail industries and also found that 56 percent of companies cannot track data once it leaves the company. Other findings included bots accounting for 75 percent of retailer traffic and holidays being high-risk times for retailers.


Holiday Season Readies for High Volumes of Bot Attacks

The winter holiday season is facing high volumes of bot attacks, according to the latest edition of the ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report. The reason is the increased availability of personal information made available through increased data breaches. While mobile devices account for as much as 33 percent of all online purchases, questions concerning online security increase as well.

US Banks Targeted by New Trojan

A new banking Trojan, called IcedID, is zeroing in on US based financial institutions, according to IBM X-Force Research. The Trojan can spread quickly throughout a network in addition to setting up local proxies for traffic tunneling. The Trojan uses redirection and web injection hacking techniques to gain access.

Alibaba Single’s Day Tops $25 Billion in Record Sales

Alibaba reached a staggering milestone with its November Single’s Day, topping $25 billion in same-day sales for the first time. An online/in-store discount campaign, consumers from 225 countries were involved. The 2017 event represented a 39 percent increase over the same event a year earlier. No less than 90 percent of the transactions were accomplished over mobile.

Gift Cards Users Exceed Gift Card Value

Emphasizing a new-found interest in gift cards, First Data has found that the average consumer spends $38 more than the gift card value. Adding to the retailer value, the study also found that 44 percent of consumers who receive a gift card visit a store they would otherwise not visit. Physical gift card purchase totals are also up, to 6.5 on an annual basis from 5.9 in 2016.



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