Small Business Forecast: 2017

Tech & Retail

From Smadar Landau, CEO, Feelter

Digital trust. We don’t trust strangers in real life. We won’t get into their cars or hang out with them, but we’re perfectly fine ordering an Uber. Why? Review systems. Small businesses lag behind larger entities because they lack an online presence. Cleaning services, for instance, can only gain traction through word-of-mouth, but they’ll continue to lag behind apps like Handy and TaskRabbit without a website or social page. In 2017, small businesses can boost their bottom lines by encouraging referrals through social media and web page traffic. “Instagram a photo of your new [coat], and we’ll reduce the price of your next purchase.”

Crowdsourcing is huge for retail, and boutiques can do it too! Get feedback from your customers, asking which products, fashions, and colors they prefer for Spring 2017! If you’re crafting your own products, hold a competition to design some element, whether it’s the color or packaging, involvement is key.


Date posted: January 3, 2017
From: smallbizdaily



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